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WenshanMu Jha Park

Entrance stairs
Entrance stairs
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District / Village: Wenshan / Huaxing Vil, Mingyi Vil
Location: No. 50, Section 4, Xinglong Road, Wenshan District.
Area: 40,066 m2
Built: 1980;1993;2013
Management by: Nangang Park Management Division
Opening times: All Day
Transportation: Bus:237、253、611、671、G2L or G2R to Mujha Park.

Wenshan (Mujha) Park I located at No. 50, Section 4, Xinglong Road, occupying an area of 40,664m2 was completed in 1980. Besides the swimming pools and entrance plaza, all other parts of the park are located on the slope. Other park facilities include hiking trails, stairs, skating rink, pavilions, children’s playground, Public Toilets, and the pondside trail.
Sitting at the back of the swimming pool near Xialun Road, the pond called “Cuihu” is surrounded by the thick green shade in the park. It was part of “Caolu,” one of the guesthouses of late President Chiang Kai-Shek. In earlier years, the pond was a military backup water supply facility (a centennial well next to the pond has now been shut down) of defense facilities or barracks.
At the first sight, visitors will be impressed by the pond’s world in its own, filled with idyllic beauty. Currently, rainwater (stormwater) and groundwater are its major water sources. In the pond there are aquatic plants. By the pond, shrubs are green. Around the pond, aged trees of different heights erect hither and thither. Three aged trees: the mountain fig ( ), large-leaved nanmu ( ), and stem-fruited fig ( ) have been listed as the protected species. Besides preserving the thriving natural ecology around the pond, these trees also signalize the local elaborate cultural resources.
In this tranquil park, the roots of old bayan trees crisscross around. Although there is neither splendid lakeview nor magnificent mountain scenes, the phytoncide from natural forests that ifs lingered by urbanites and comfort the rapid tempo of city life. As a rare quiet space sitting in the busy Taipei City with easy accessibility, this park with elaborate and agreeable scenery is worthy of exploration. If time allows, don’t forget to visit the park where you will find things beyond your expectation.

Fitness Facilities: Chin-ups, Lie Face Up & Lifts the Leg Trainer, Push-up, Twin Taiga Wheel, Rear Stretch Kit, Skating Ring.
Recreational Facilities: Combination Playset, Swings, Sand Pit, Stone Slide.
Service Facilities: Water Taps, Pavilions, Water Fountains.
Historical Monuments: none

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Entrance stairs
Entrance stairs