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NeihuBihu Park

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District / Village: Neihu / Hubin Vil
Location: No. 175, Section 2, Neihu Road, next to the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts
Area: 131,749 m2
Built: 1987
Management by: Floriculture Experiment Center
Opening times: All Day
Transportation: Bus: 21、28、247、247 (shuttle) 、267、278、552、Union Small Bus 2 to the Neihu Elementary School Stop. Metro: Exit No. 2, Wende Station.

The Bihu Park is located at No. 175, Section 2, Neihu Road, next to the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, where transportation is convenient. When taking the Taipei Metro Wenhu Line, get off at the Wende Station and walk along Wende Road. After turning to Lane 101, go straight on for about 200m to get to the park. Inside the park with an area of about 13 hectares is “Dapi Lake,” of about 8 hectares. It was a local irrigation source in the past.
The Bihu Park characterized by mountain and lake views is the backyard garden of Neihu residents. Visitors are often impressed by the local mountain and lake scenery. After park construction in 1987, various projects were completed afterwards, including the beautification of the greenery east of the lake; the construction of the Chinese-style kiosk, zigzag bridge, and lakeside trail; the plantation of ornamental plants like the Chinese fringe tree, willow, bald cypress, paperbark, golden shower tree, flamboyant tree, China rose, azalea, and dwarf ixora etc., creating a gorgeous dancing scene with the lake and mountain views when butterflies of different colors are flying in between in spring and summer.
In the park administration center (commonly called the Little White House), there is a reading room on the first floor open to the public. Other park facilities include an inclusive playground in the style of a pirate ship, one tennis court, and one swimming pool. Lakeside facilities include a fishing area for visitors to angle while enjoying the views. There are also six hiking trails. As mountains are covered with thick green, and kiosks and pavilions set off one another, visitors can feel a kind of serenity when hiking along these trails. Looking down from the mountain top, all the gorgeous lake views are in the spot, making these trails ideal for leisure, hiking, and relaxing the body and mind.

Fitness Facilities: Horizontal bar, sit-up, waist and back massager
Recreational Facilities: One swing set, and integrated playset (one nest swing, one family swing, one climbing set, one sand pit).
Service Facilities: Security guard room, tennis courts, reading room, 9 kiosks, 3 water fountains
Historical Monuments: none

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