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DaanFujoushan Park

Fujoushan Park
Fujoushan Park
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District / Village: Daan / Liyuan Vil,Lixiao Vil
Location: Section 3, Xinhai Road, next to Xinglong Supermarket (Fujoushan)
Area: 172,488 m2
Built: 2001
Management by: Youth Park Management Division
Opening times: All Day
Transportation: Metro: Take the Taipei Metro Wenhu Line to the Linguang. Bus: 237、294、295、298、611、673、Brown 12、Brown 22、Station Union Green 11 or Union S31~33 to the Qingfeng Activity Center.

After taking over the administration of the Fujoushan Park in 2001, the Parks & Street Lights Office planned a budget to demolish the buildings in the area in 2004. After demolishing the buildings on the site, the Parks & Street Lights Office began the greening and beautification of the park based on the aim to maintain its original look. It also built kiosks as part of the park as recommended by hikers to add a new member to parks in Taipei City and provide citizens with a new venue for leisure.
With an area of about 172,488m2, the park is located in the slope area with an elevation of 105m next to Xinhai Road and Wolong Street. It was the Fujoushan Public Cemetery and has been planned toward a nature park for ecological conservation since it was transformed into a park. Besides mass plantation with a complete flora for a rich ecosystem and aggregable scenery, artificial facilities have been minimized for easy management and maintenance, except for facilities required for soil and water conservation and disaster prevention. Along the hiking trail, insect calls are heard everywhere and air is fresh. Kiosks are built for leisure, taking in Mt. Guanyin and Mt. Datun afar, and viewing the street scene of Daan District. It is also a great place for watching the entire sight of Taipei 101. Therefore, it is considered the arcadia in the city. Plantation has been planned to preserve the natural scenery of the park. Therefore, flowering arbors and shrubs for sheltering and attracting birds and butterflies are grown only at the entrance of hiking trails, leisure decks, and kiosks. Today, the park has become a frequently visited park for hikers and a great venue for ecology education.

Fitness Facilities: Balance beam, sit-up, leg curl, monkey bars, arm and leg extension, climbing
Recreational Facilities: none
Service Facilities: Public toilets, kiosks
Historical Monuments: none

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Fujoushan Park
Fujoushan Park
Fitness Facilities
Fitness Facilities